Actors and Dogs
22/03/2022 01:37
Actors and Dogs

'Good people are the ones who love animals. Animals are special creatures. Those who are lucky enough to have experiences with them, now it very well. The animals' nobleness is the real lesson. Thanks to them we become more humble, more emphatetic, more loving people. They give us their unconditional love without asking for anything in return. They make us better persons.'

(Keanu Reeves)

Quote from Vilmos Csányi the famous Hungarian Ethologist
22/03/2022 01:33
Quote from Vilmos Csányi the famous Hungarian Ethologist

'It is widely believed that dogs hate the leash. But this is wrong,because dogs think the leash is a sign of love, of belonging together. It connects them to their beloved humans, together they form a big and strong team. That is when they are the happiest! Dogs are born with an incurable love for humans.

If you really want to make an animal happy, adopt a dog from a dog shelter! You will get an instant reward of unconditional love!'

(Vilmos Csányi)

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