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Agi and Luca dog

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Nowadays more and more pets are kept in apartments. As a dog owner our task is to make sure that we give them enough mental and physical activity, let it rain or let it shine.

Our aim in the webshop is to help cat and dog owners to find and be able to buy good quality, nice and a bit unique products. The dog raincoats and clothes sold by us are not only useful but cute and practical, too. They give full protection on cold, rainy days, so you will not miss the daily walks with your dog. The reflective, safe dog harnesses make dog-walking safe and fun even in the evenings. The cat harnesses make it possible to walk your cat, what otherwise could be risky, since cats could easily get lost.

In Tarkakutya Webshop we do not forget about the elderly or ailing pets. The raised platform feeder makes feeding easier for pets with spine problems. The physiological pants are not only for female dogs in heat to keep the house clean, but they help older,  incontinent dogs,or any dog while travelling. The CBD Oil has provided cure for many dogs for different illnesses as an additional extra. Before use you must always discuss it with your vet! But we do not forget about the pet owners, either! You can find in the shop smart brushes or laundry cones to collect pet hair from your sofa or in the washing machine.

We hope that the products bought here will make pets and owners equally happy!


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